Central vacuum 115 with bag


This compact model of central vacuum allows a simple installation in a narrow place as small as a wardrobe. It may be installed near placed close to the ground since the cleaning of the canister is empty from the top of the unit. It offers a very high suction power that exceeds the best portable vacuum cleaners.

Recommendations :

  • Type of residence : apartments, condos, small houses
  • Approximative area* : 185 m2 (2000 ft2)

*The cleaning area is provided as a reference for durability and optimal performance of your central vacuum.



Compact and Roomy

Due to its compact size, this model easily installs anywhere, which makes it perfect for smaller homes, condos and townhomes. Its filter bag also has a more compact design, but it still has an impressive capacity.


This system conveniently opens from the top, so you have easy access to the bag by simply removing the lid!


More powerful than typical portable vacuums, it is well suited for condos and apartments, and smaller homes as well!


This central vacuum is amongst the most silent vacuums on the market, so you can clean at any time, without disturbing the entire household.

A Healthy Choice

Given its outstanding filtration system, you’re sure to benefit from a healthier environment. All our models are equipped with a CyclofiltreTM that has been provided with an antimicrobial treatment, so as to prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi that may be associated with allergies.


  • Airwatts: 560
  • Decibels: 55
  • Air flow: 124 CFM | 210 CMH
  • Water lift: 135.3 in | 3437 mm
  • MAX amps: 12.2
  • Voltage: 120
  • Stage: 2


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