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At Vacuum Depot, we have been selling and repairing the vacuums from Miele, Cyclovac, and MVAC for the last 10 years in the Toronto GTA. We have been a trusted business with high class service, durable products and an experienced staff that will come to your location at a moment’s notice.
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Cannister Vacuum

Vacuum Repair

Restoration and repair of Miele, Cyclovac, And MVAC vacuum products.
Vacuum Depot Cannister

On-Site Service + Vacuum Installation

Our highly experienced and professional technicians will come to your home


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At Vacuum Depot, we are as good as our clients say. Our clients are located all over Southern Ontario.
Vacuum Depot provides old fashion, superb service for the best price ever! They matched my needs to a Miele C3 fantastic vacuum cleaner... that was hundreds of dollars below my budget. The immediate, friendly home delivery was an added touch that was deeply appreciated. Highly recommend Vacuum Depot, you will be so happy, guaranteed!
Alissa Tong
New Vacuum
They know what they’re doing and do it well. Their team was great. They identified the problem and fixed our unit within days. The manager talked me out of spending more and buying a new one, assuring me that our unit had plenty of life left. It works great now. Highly recommended.
Grant LaPorte
Vacuum Repair