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Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner

If you have low, medium, high pile/ soft, plush wall-to-wall carpets or rugs as well as bare floors regardless of whether you have pets or not. If you do have pets, this model is Miele’s most powerful vacuum cleaner for pet hair. That is thanks to the very powerful, height-adjustable SEB228, a motorized carpet tool (electric powerhead). This attachment has a super powerful motor that operates a large brush roll with short bristles. That means this tool can deep clean and remove large amounts of pet hair from thick carpets and rugs. One of the essential features of this powerhead is its height adjustability. You have the option to choose from level 1, which is the lowest height the powerhead will run over the carpet, to level 5, which is the furthermost away from the carpet piles. That allows you to use this powerhead on various carpets/rugs, from low pile to very soft, high pile. Another feature that makes this vacuum an excellent choice for pet owners is the upgraded Charcoal Activated Filter, which replaces the standard Microfiber exhaust filter. The charcoal filter removes odors caused by pet hair and pet dander vacuumed inside the dust bag. The C3 Cat and dog also get Miele’s best attachment for bare floors called the Parquet Twister, which is an excellent attachment on floors such as hardwood, ceramic, laminate, and tile. The parquet twister is extremely easy to use and moves around very nicely around obstacles and corners. So, you get the best of both worlds with this model; a super powerful carpet tool and a fantastic tool for all your hard floors. This model comes with a free manufacturer warranty upgrade, five years on all components, and seven years on the motor, inclusive of all parts and labor.

What’s In The Box?

| Miele C3 Cat & Dog Canister (Tayberry Red) | Electric Hose and Handle | Electric Telescopic Wand | SEB 228 Electric Powerhead | SBB300-3 Paquet Twister Floor Tool | 1X GN Dust Bag Already Installed | 1X Pre-Motor Filter Already Installed | 1X SF AA 50 Charcoal Activated Exhaust Filter | 1X Standard Dusting Brush | 1X Standard Crevice Tool 1X Standard Upholstery Tool


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