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We are your go to for any Vacuum Cleaner Repair shops needs within the GTA region! We service all major brands as well as above ground pool vacuums!

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The Best Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shops!

At our Vacuum Depot Mississauga location we are your go to for vacuum repair Mississauga. We have been the number one choice for all our customer s since we opened in 1978.

vacuum motor repair

Vacuum Motor Repairs

At Vacuum Depot, we are well versed in repairing a range of motors for vacuums. 

We understand that overheating, power issues or damage to cords can cause issues with your vacuum motor. We check the fan and brushes to solve your issue and if applicable- work to replace the damaged parts. 

Vacuum Parts Replacement

At Vacuum Depot we understand that your vacuum belt needs replacement or the power head needs to be replaced. Fortunately, we have you covered. We offer vacuum replacement parts Canada and offer items such Eureka Vacuum parts canada and more. 


Our team works to thoroughly review when and if your parts need replacements and work to get your unit back working at the best price!

Vacuum belt part
above ground pool vacum

Above Ground Pool Vacuum + In Ground Pool Vacuum Servicing at our Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shops

We understand that as summer time approaches, you want to make sure your above ground pool vacuum is functioning at its full potential. We offer a quality service for your Hayward Pool Vacuum Cleaners and others. Our guaranteed workmanship and trained technicians are able to troubleshoot at the best price!

Clog Repairs

High-quality Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shops professionals like ourselves pride ourselves on answering where to find the best vacuum repair near me. A part of that service is the ability to take care of Clog Repairs

As part of our commitnment to our clients, we are happy to provide in home service including:

  • Unclogging Vacuum Parts
  • Installing faceplates and much more!


If we identify an issue that cannot be resolved on site, we are happy to uninstall the vacuum unit and bring it to our location to provide a diagnosis and cost

Vacuum Repair Clog

How Our Vacuum Repair Service Works in 3 Steps

  1. You submit a quote request online or by phone/ you bring in your machine
  2. One of our Vacuum technicians take a look and provides a quote/solution
  3. You go home a satisfied customer!

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Client Testimonials

Grant Tong
Grant Tong

Etobicoke Location

Vacuum Depot provides old fashion, superb service for the best price ever! They matched my needs to a Miele C3 fantastic vacuum cleaner... that was hundreds of dollars below my budget. The immediate, friendly home delivery was an added touch that was deeply appreciated. Highly recommend Vacuum Depot, you will be so happy, guaranteed!

Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler

Etobicoke Location

I contacted Vacuum Depot to get my Bissel Steam Cleaner fixed. Not only was the technicians helpful, they took the time to problem solve and helped me find the answer which I am very appreciative of. I highly recommend this service ! Vacuum Depot gives great customer service,

Jerome LaPorte
Jerome LaPorte

Mississauga Location

Vacuum Depot was very easy to work with, and sold me a great MVAC vacuum cleaner with attractive extended warranties. They even delivered it to me personally, which I thought was great, because I was quite far from their Mississauga location. I would definitely recommend Vacuums Depot.

Halima Ahmed
Halima Ahmed

Mississauga Location

Every single time we come to this store, the technicians go way above and beyond to make sure we're satisfied. I know it's weird to have a designated vacuum place, but this place has been our vacuum place for years now and we are never disappointed.

Brad Bijedic
Brad Bijedic

Etobicoke Location

Went in for a simple repair (busted plug) and it was done on site in the time it took for me to check the inventory of exotic European detergents. Picked up some cleaners and micro-fiber towels and the whole bill was $25. Wonderful service, will go back for future vacuum and specialty cleaner needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per most manufacturer guidelines- you should look change your filter between 4-6 months

Yes! Absolutely! Depending on usage- you should look at changing your vacuum belt at least 2 times per year- You can look to extend this lifespan by lubricating and checking it often for cracks. 

Nope! At Vacuum Depot we pride ourselves on being honest and fair. We work to give you a quote on any repair/servicing win 24-48 hours and explain in detail the scope of work required.

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